Miniature Wine Barrel Centerpiece for the DIY Bride

For the DIY bride, there’s nothing better than coming across the perfect accent or piece to be used within her fairytale wedding dreamscape. For the DIY bride who just so happens to be planning a wine country wedding, this is one of those perfect pieces.

For your wine country-inspired centerpieces, you’ll definitely want to incorporate our mini oak barrel centerpiece planters, the perfect base for an overabundance of flowing flowers and greenery to match your day’s colors. The five-liter barrel has an opening that’s 9.5 x 6.5 inches, making it small enough for a reception table, yet large enough to be used within any of your settings really, whether it be the foyer or your ceremony space.

Already have your centerpieces decided? This fantastic accent also makes a wonderful card collection receptacle, so your guests can drop their well wishes to you with convenience and style.


Mini Oak Barrel Centerpiece
Mini Oak Barrel Centerpiece
Mini Oak Barrel Centerpiece & Planter 2
Mini oak barrel centerpiece planter can be used as a card holder for smaller events

Personalized Wine Barrel Wedding Card Holder

Customized with your very own wedding details, a personalized wine barrel wedding card holder is a unique and special way to collect cards from guests at a vineyard or wine-themed wedding. This popular item measures 15 x 10 x 10 inches and the cross bar barrel stand is included. Best of all, this personalized barrel is a real showstopper of a keepsake. You’ll enjoy displaying it in your home as a momento of your special day for years to come.

Having a vineyard wedding or wine-themed party? Check out our wide selection of wine party and vineyard wedding accessories and decorations to find everything you need to create a fabulous event!

Personalized Wine Barrel Wedding Card Holder perfect for a vineyard wedding from Wine Country Occasions
Personalized wine barrel wedding card holder – perfect for a vineyard or wine-themed event!

Wine Themed Favors & Wedding Decor

Play with vineyard imagery, like vines, grapes, corks and barrels to create a gorgeous wedding design. Include wine-related decor and favors that your guests will love taking home as a way to continue the celebration. Use the suggestions below to make your dream vineyard wedding a reality:

Wine-Themed Bottle Stopper & Opener Favors

wine wedding favors bottle stoppers, bottle openers and place card holders with cork. Wine Country Occasions,
Wine wedding favors

Wine-themed bottle stoppers and bottle openers make great wine wedding favors.

The stainless steel grape design pictured here has a surprisingly substantial feel. Cork-themed bottle openers, frames and utensils – like a cheese-spreader – are charming and useful. Wine-themed place card holders do double-duty as favors and take-home photo holders.

DIY Wedding Favors

DIY Vineyard Rustic or Garden Wedding Favor herbs in French Country Style Decorative Pitcher. - Wine Country Occasions,
DIY vineyard or rustic wedding favor

Another way to create memorable favors is to go the Do-It-Yourself route. DIY favors like cookies & candies can be placed in treat bags or box containers. Personalize containers and other DIY favors – like herbs in a mini pitcher (pictured) – with custom labels and favor tags in a vineyard or rustic design. Stencils and stamps can also be used to add a wine theme to DIY favors.

Personalized Wine Bottles

The opportunity to create personalized wine bottles is reason enough to have a vineyard wedding! They make ideal favors, table decor – or both. Create custom wine labels printed with a thank you message, a meaningful poem, the reception menu – anything you like! Coordinate the stationery design with your other paper goods for a unified look.

Wine-Themed Table NumbersVineyard Motif Table Signs for a wine country, rustic or vineyard wedding. - Wine Country Occasions,

Adorned with cascading greenery and fruit, wine bottle table numbers look classic and elegant.

Burlap wine bags with table numbers in stylish lettering bring a rustic feel to your tablescape. Vine-decorated stationery looks sophisticated in sign holders shaped like corks, barrels or tree trunks. Make a statement with a dramatic wine bottle candelabra that will add both charm and a warm glow to your tables.

Guest Book Alternatives

Inventive guest book ideas abound!

Wine Barrel Chalkboard Cork Cage guestbook idea for vineyard wedding. - Wine Country Occasions,
Wine cork cage wedding guest book alternative

A wine-themed or rustic guest book is one way to go. A decorative wooden box where guests slip well-wishing messages inside is another good choice. Find specific wine-themed guest book alternatives such as a “message in a bottle” kit or signature posters with vineyard designs. Wine cork cages make truly unique guest book alternatives. Just have your guests sign corks and place them inside!

These are just a few of the many options you have to use favors and decoration to make your vineyard wedding your own. Feel free to suggest others in the comments below.


Wine Cork Cage Guestbook for a Vineyard Wedding

Inspired by Offbeat Bride’s blog post that suggests using wine corks instead of a traditional wedding guestbook, we are pleased to offer this fun barrel cork cage as a place for the signed corks.

This Wine Barrel Chalkboard Cork Cage makes a very handsome presentation on a vineyard wedding welcome table. Best of all, after the wedding, you have an attractive way to display all the signed corks and a piece of home decor that is sure to be a conversation-starter!

We have a variety of wine-themed cork cage items to choose from like a Wine Glass Cork Cage. How fun would a Rooster Cork Cage be as a guestbook at a farm, ranch or barn wedding?

Wine Barrel Chalkboard Cork Cage guestbook idea for vineyard wedding. - Wine Country Occasions,
Use a Wine Barrel Chalkboard Cork Cage instead of a guestbook at your vineyard wedding

Hot Air Balloon Wedding Inspiration

Invite your guests to celebrate life’s adventures with a hot air balloon wedding theme. It’s a great starting point from which to create a colorful event designed to inspire delight and child-like wonder. A hot air balloon motif is a great match for a rustic, vineyard or other outdoor venue. Staring at the clouds or the stars above will make it easy for your guests to imagine the possibilities, as they help launch you into married life. The sky’s the limit!

Hot Air Balloon Inspiration Board for a rustic, vineyard or other outdoor wedding. - Wine Country Occasions,

Clockwise from Top Left: Wine Country Occasions’ Hot Air Balloon Wedding Invitations; cake pops via These Pears Are Hollow; streamers via Shop Lemon Drop; Wine Country Occasions’ Hot Air Balloon Cork Cage; bouquet from; and, hot air balloon wedding photo via Diane Askew Photography

Vintage Love Bird Wedding Decor

Vintage pieces are a great addition to rustic and wine-themed wedding decor, highlighting the timelessness of a barn, garden or vineyard setting. Favors, accessories and centerpieces with a love bird theme also add a bit of a romance. We love the delicate look of white peonies resting in a birds’ nest container. The glow from a tealight candle takes on a distinctly antique feel when emanating from a metal birdcage.

The love bird cork coaster favors pictured below come in attractive, rustic-looking packages and in colors that coordinate well with the natural blues and purples of a vineyard backdrop. The antiqued bird place card holders are a charming addition to any table setting

Whether your are looking for wine themed centerpieces or rustic wedding decorations,  these vintage love bird items are sure to provide all the romance needed to make your guests’ hearts take flight!

Large Birds Nest and Miniature Cermanic Love Bird Favor Dish - vintage love bird decor for a rustic, garden or vineyard wedding. - Wine Country Occasions, www.winecountryoccasionscom

Pictured above: Large Birds Nest and Miniature Ceramic Love Bird Favor Dish

Miniature Classic Round Birdcages and Love Birds Cork Coaster Favor - vintage-inspired items for a rustic, garden or vineyard wedding. - Wine Country Occasions,

Pictured above: Miniature Classic Round Decorative Birdcages and Love Birds Cork Coaster Favors

Bird Cage Place Card Holders and  Metal Birdcage Tealight Holder vintage love bird wedding decor for a rustic, garden or vineyard wedding. - Wine Country Occasions,

Pictured above: Antiqued Bird Place Card Holder and Small Metal Birdcage with Suspended Tealight Holder


Hot Air Balloon Wedding Ideas

Up, up, up and away!

Launch your married life together with a hot air balloon-themed wedding. What better way to embark on life’s adventures together? Plus, it’s a fun, colorful motif that will invite your guests to play and dream.

A hot air balloon theme is a great match for a rustic, garden or vineyard wedding. Set your guests’  imaginations soaring with Hot Air Balloon Save the Date Cards. Follow up with Hot Air Balloon Wedding Invitations to announce: “Love is in the air!”

A metal Hot Air Balloon Cork Cage (pictured below) makes an adorable table centerpiece, especially for a vineyard wedding. You could even use the cage as a DIY guest book, asking your loved ones to sign corks and place them inside.

Hot Air Balloon Wedding Invitations, table signs and place cards with a Hot Air Balloon Cork Cage for a rustic or vineyard wedding. - Wine Country Occasions,

Matching table signs and place cards complete the look (pictured above and below). The table signs are displayed in a stationery card holder that coordinates nicely with the metal of the cork cage.

Hot Air Balloon Wedding Invitations, table signs, place cards and Hot Air Balloon Luggage Tag Favors. - Wine Country Occasions,

Continuing the theme, Hot Air Balloon Luggage Tag Favors (pictured above) make great keepsakes and are ideal for a destination wedding. A themed luggage tag is a take-home gift that is useful and a charming reminder of the joy of your special day.

Your Wedding Place Card Holder Questions Answered!

Many of our clients wonder what size stationery our rustic and vineyard wedding place card holders will hold. Our answer: You’d be surprised! For example, though the Rustic Real-Wood Place Card and Photo Holder pictured below measures approximately 1 inch tall and 1.75  inches in diameter, it is sturdy enough to hold a table sign that is 4 x 5 inches or a menu card measuring 5 x 7 inches or even a “tall and skinny” version that is 4 x 9.25 inches. Of course, we always recommend that you test out any place card holder in advance with the stationery size you are planning to use, just to be sure. We love the design of this particular card holder. The miniature log is a perfect match for the rustic vibe of a ranch, barn, farm or vineyard wedding.

4 ways to use wedding place card holders at a rustic or vineyard wedding. - Wine Country Occasions,

Introducing Our Birthday Wine Collection

Our new birthday theme wine collection is here and includes birthday theme wine stoppers, coasters and wine glass tags. Celebrate your or a special someone’s birthday with these festive wine gifts.  The Birthday Candles Enamel Wine Stopper pictured below is just one of many birthday theme wine bottle stoppers available on on our bottle stopper website. Coordinating with this wine stopper is the Happy Birthday Paper Coasters. Sold in sets of 25 and in an assortment of festive designs, these coasters are perfect for birthday parties. For wine theme birthdays, our Happy Birthday Wine Glass Tags can be used to help your guests keep track of their drinks.

Birthday Candles Wine Stopper from
Birthday Candles Wine Stopper









Happy Birthday Paper Coasters by
Happy Birthday Paper Coasters









Happy Birthday Wine Glass Tags from Wine Country Occasions
Happy Birthday Wine Glass Tags










Birds Nests add a Natural Touch to Outdoor Weddings

Assembled from twigs, bird’s nests are unique and natural. If you are planning an outdoor wine country wedding or party and are looking for some unique rustic accessories, take a look at our bird’s nest products. An alternative to the traditional ring pillow is our Moss Filled Ring Pillow pictured below.  We also offer some Large Birds Nests that can be filled with flowers to create a unique centerpiece. For your favors and place cards, the Vine Nest Place Card Holder is designed to hold some candy or any other item you would like to share with your guests as well as a place card.

Moss Filled Birds Nest Ring Pillow - Wine Country Occasions
Moss Filled Birds Nest Ring Pillow



Vine Nest Place Card Holder - Wine Country Occasions
Vine Nest Place Card Holder












Large Birds Nests from Wine country Occasons
Large Birds Nests Make Beautiful Natural Theme Centerpieces