Credit Card Bottle Openers

If you’re looking for a small, personalized and fun party favor that everyone will appreciate and use, you’ve found it. Credit card bottle openers are not only the size of a credit card and can easily fit in your wallet, pocket or purse, but they come in a variety of colors (both metallic and matte) and can be customized to feature whatever you like. From cute designs to simple script to your own personal wedding logo, anything goes. Before designing your new go-to favor for all your party planning, pick from three separate options: the fun color-coated opener that comes in six colors, the sophisticated metal opener that’s engraved or the polished metal opener with your design or logo printed on.


Personalized color coated credit card bottle openers available in six colors and can be customized with our designs or your wedding or corporate logo
Credit card bottle opener personalized by engraving up to two lines of text
Credit card bottle opener made of polished metal and can be customized with our designs or your logo


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