DIY Rustic Wedding Favor: Rosemary Salt

Rosemary salt is a delicious and easy DIY wedding favor, especially for a vineyard, rustic or garden wedding. Your guests will appreciate this versatile herb blend which is a perfect match for lamb, chicken or potatoes. For an added homemade touch, use rosemary grown in your own garden.

Start with attractive glass favor containers, like the adorable mini glass bottles pictured below. Combine high quality sea salt with coarsely chopped rosemary leaves (separated from the stem). Spread the mixture in a thin layer on a cookie sheet and bake at 250 degrees for 15 minutes or until the rosemary leaves are dried. Allow the mixture to cool. At this point, you can either blend the mixture in a food processor or keep it in its coarse state. Place in an airtight container until you’re ready to assemble your favors.

DIY Rustic Wedding Favor Rosemary Salt with favor tag 1 from Wine Country Occasions

Wine-Themed & Rustic Favor Tags

Make these gifts your own with favor tags that coordinate with your wedding stationery. Many of our garden, rustic and wine wedding invitation designs can easily be customized to create your own logo incorporating your wedding information and personalized messages, like the horseshoe-themed favor tags pictured here. Using twine to attach the tags adds to the rustic feel of these pretty and practical favors.

DIY Rustic Wedding Favor Rosemary Salt with favor tag 2 from Wine Country Occasions

For more outdoor wedding favors and ideas, check out our website where you’ll find everything you need to create your dream winery, rustic or garden wedding.

Wine Themed Favors & Wedding Decor

Play with vineyard imagery, like vines, grapes, corks and barrels to create a gorgeous wedding design. Include wine-related decor and favors that your guests will love taking home as a way to continue the celebration. Use the suggestions below to make your dream vineyard wedding a reality:

Wine-Themed Bottle Stopper & Opener Favors

wine wedding favors bottle stoppers, bottle openers and place card holders with cork. Wine Country Occasions,
Wine wedding favors

Wine-themed bottle stoppers and bottle openers make great wine wedding favors.

The stainless steel grape design pictured here has a surprisingly substantial feel. Cork-themed bottle openers, frames and utensils – like a cheese-spreader – are charming and useful. Wine-themed place card holders do double-duty as favors and take-home photo holders.

DIY Wedding Favors

DIY Vineyard Rustic or Garden Wedding Favor herbs in French Country Style Decorative Pitcher. - Wine Country Occasions,
DIY vineyard or rustic wedding favor

Another way to create memorable favors is to go the Do-It-Yourself route. DIY favors like cookies & candies can be placed in treat bags or box containers. Personalize containers and other DIY favors – like herbs in a mini pitcher (pictured) – with custom labels and favor tags in a vineyard or rustic design. Stencils and stamps can also be used to add a wine theme to DIY favors.

Personalized Wine Bottles

The opportunity to create personalized wine bottles is reason enough to have a vineyard wedding! They make ideal favors, table decor – or both. Create custom wine labels printed with a thank you message, a meaningful poem, the reception menu – anything you like! Coordinate the stationery design with your other paper goods for a unified look.

Wine-Themed Table NumbersVineyard Motif Table Signs for a wine country, rustic or vineyard wedding. - Wine Country Occasions,

Adorned with cascading greenery and fruit, wine bottle table numbers look classic and elegant.

Burlap wine bags with table numbers in stylish lettering bring a rustic feel to your tablescape. Vine-decorated stationery looks sophisticated in sign holders shaped like corks, barrels or tree trunks. Make a statement with a dramatic wine bottle candelabra that will add both charm and a warm glow to your tables.

Guest Book Alternatives

Inventive guest book ideas abound!

Wine Barrel Chalkboard Cork Cage guestbook idea for vineyard wedding. - Wine Country Occasions,
Wine cork cage wedding guest book alternative

A wine-themed or rustic guest book is one way to go. A decorative wooden box where guests slip well-wishing messages inside is another good choice. Find specific wine-themed guest book alternatives such as a “message in a bottle” kit or signature posters with vineyard designs. Wine cork cages make truly unique guest book alternatives. Just have your guests sign corks and place them inside!

These are just a few of the many options you have to use favors and decoration to make your vineyard wedding your own. Feel free to suggest others in the comments below.


DIY Winery Wedding Favor: Rosemary Infused Olive Oil

Delicious herb-infused olive oil favors are easy to make and will impress even your most committed foodie guest. When presented in elegant ceramic containers, these olive oil favors add a European flair to your rustic or vineyard wedding. Though you can infuse olive oil with all sorts of flavors, rosemary is a real crowd pleaser. Find a recipe online like this one from Pepper Design Blog. Add ribbons and themed favor tags – like the one pictured below using our Olive Branch design – and voila! You have sophisticated and handmade wedding favors you will be proud to share with your guests.

DIY Vineyard Wedding Favor Rosemary Infused Olive Oil from Wine Country Occasions
DIY winery or rustic wedding favor idea: rosemary-infused olive oil in a ceramic bottle

DIY Rustic Wedding Favor: Fresh Herbs in a Mini Pitcher

Your guests will love taking home a bit of the great outdoors with these DIY wedding favors using fresh herbs. This idea is an especially good match for a rustic, garden or vineyard wedding. We used mini white French-style pitchers and planted marjoram and chives (pictured below). But, you could use any frequently-used cooking herb, such as fragrant rosemary or thyme. Personalize these favors with customized labels and favors tags. We have a particularly wide variety of elegant designs to use for wine wedding favors, like the delicate grape and vine “thank you” tag pictured below.

DIY Vineyard Rustic or Garden Wedding Favor herbs in French Country Style Decorative Pitcher. - Wine Country Occasions,
DIY vineyard or rustic wedding favor: fresh herbs in a mini French-style pitcher

Pictured above: French Country Style Decorative Pitcher with (from left to right), Hydrangea Flowers Custom Round Label and Monterey Memories Favor Tag

DIY Rustic Wedding Favor Idea: Loose Tea

Looking to add a little homemade charm to your rustic or vineyard wedding? Loose tea is an easy DIY wedding favor idea that looks festive, pretty and impressive. Use glass jars and bottles or other wedding favor containers and personalize them with customized labels and favor tags. We used a Dark Rose Tea recipe from Straight from the Farm. This DIY favor idea would also work well for a garden wedding or bridal shower.

DIY wedding favor of loose tea for a wine wedding, rustic wedding or garden wedding. - Wine Country Occasions, www.winecountryoccasions.comPictured above: Custom labels and favors tags using our Garden Wedding Invitations design. Glass jars from our favor containers collection.

Favor Idea: Lavender Bath Salts with Personalized Favor Label

Here is a favor idea that is sure to appeal to the female guests at a bridal shower! Lavender bath salts are a luxurious gift and none of your guests will realize how easy it is to make it! Here is a simple recipe:

2 cups of epsom salts
1 tablespoon lavender flowers ground
10-15 drops of lavender essential oil

Grind the lavender flower buds so they are small in size. Use a stainless steel metal or glass bowl and spoon to combine all ingredients evenly. Break up any clumps and spread the mixture on a flat surface and allow to dry for a couple of hours.  Your bath salts are ready to be packaged!

For the packaging, you can find small jars at your local hardware store. We have personalized our jar using our Lavender Field Custom Round Labels and added a lavender ribbon with a lavender flower tucked underneath.

Lavender bath salt with lavender fields personalized label
Lavender bath salt with lavender fields personalized label


Favor Idea: Nut Favors with Personalized Labels

Everyone loves nuts so why not send your guests home with some nut favors! Whether they are raw, roasted or spiced, nuts make a great gift that your guests can enjoy after your special day. Pictured below is a small jar, filled with almonds. To customize the favor, we have used our oak tree personalized labels. All our labels and tags are completely customizable and can be modified to include the contents of the favor, the names of the couple, the date of the event or a special note to your guests.

Small jar of nuts with oak tree personalized labels by Wine Country Occasions
Small jar of nuts with the oak tree personalized labels


Favor Idea: Marinated Olives with Personalized Tag and Label

Olives are found throughout the wine county and marinated olives make great edible gifts for the guests of your winery wedding to take home.  If the winery you are getting married at has olive groves, ask them if they sell olives! To give you an idea of how to present olive favors to your guests, we have placed some marinated olives in a mason jar and added our two inch round Olive Branch Custom Round Labels  to the lid of the jar. We have used the labels to identify the contents of the jar. Around the jar, we wrapped a small strip of burlap and an olive green piece of ribbon which coordinates well with a rustic olive theme wedding. To the ribbon, we have added our personalized Olive Branch Favor Tags. All our labels and tags are completely customizable. Personalize these items to thank your guests, specify the contents of your favors or write a special note. We will work with you to make sure you completely love the design of your labels and tags, before we print them.

Marinated olive favors with personalized olive branch favor tag
Marinated olive favors with personalized olive branch favor tag
Marinated oliv favor with personalized round label
Marinated olive favor with personalized round label



Favor idea: Jam with Garden Favor Tags

Our garden wedding invitation line is inspired by the beautiful gardens found at wineries throughout the wine country. Perfect for summer winery weddings, these gardens feature beautiful flowers with bold colors. Recently, we added matching favor tags to coordinate with these invitations and wanted to suggest a favor idea. Send your guests home with some homemade strawberry or raspberry jam. Perfect for outdoor summer weddings, the rich color of these fruits look beautiful inside a clear jar. Pictured below, we have added our garden favor tags and wrapped it around the jar using berry colored natural cord. All our favor tags can be completely customized so if you would like to include the details of homemade favor to the tag, we will be happy to work with you to do so.

Jam Favors with Garden Favor Tag
Raspberry jam favors with garden favor tag tied with berry colored cord


Favor Idea: Champagne Vinegar with Grape Leaf Personalized Label and Tag

If you are looking for a unique edible favor for a wine country wedding, we want to suggest champagne vinegar as a gift to send your guests home with! Made from the same grapes  used in making sparkling wine, Champagne vinegar will also coordinate well with a champagne theme wedding. Pictured below is a bottle of vinegar with our personalized mini wine bottle labels and leaf favors tags. Our favor tags and labels are completely customizable and can be used to thank your guests, share the names of the couple, emphasize the details of your event, or to specify the contents of your favors.

Champagne vinegar favor with Grape leaf personalize favor tag and grape leaf personalized mini wine labels from Wine Country Occasions
Champagne vinegar favor with Grape leaf personalize favor tag and grape leaf personalized mini wine labels from Wine Country Occasions