Rustic Oak Tree Wedding Inspiration

Is there anything more romantic than a wedding under an oak tree? It was easy to find inspiration in this symbol of strength and longevity for our latest mood board. Though a great match for a wedding anytime of year, an oak tree-themed event seems particularly appropriate for fall. We chose autumnal reds, browns and gold – a rich color palette that brings out the glamour of a rustic setting.

Oak Tree Wedding Invitations Inspiration Board perfect for a rustic or vineyard wedding. - Wine Country Occasions,

Clockwise from Top Left: Wine Country Occasions’ Oak Tree Wedding Invitations; bridal party from Anni Cee; cake from Upcycle Treasures; Wine Country Occasions’ Miniature Natural Birch Wood Circle Slices and Oak Tree Table Signs; tablescape by Christopher Todd Studios; and, tree photo from The Best Wedding Decorations.

Place Setting Inspiration: Oak Tree Theme in Burgundy, Brown and Beige

Place setting with oak tree theme in burgundy brown and beige
Place setting with oak tree theme menu cards in burgundy, brown, and beige


If you are planning a fall or winter vineyard wedding, here is some inspiration for your place settings! Deep colors such as burgundy, brown, off white and beige, coordinate really well with winter and fall seasons. At the same time, the oak tree motif is a unique natural  symbol of the new life you will start together. Pictured above, we have used our Oak Tree Menu Cardsin the color ginger and layered it with a dark brown cards. A deep wine color red table cloth and napkin contrasts beautifully with the neutral shades of the menu card and and a beige place mat underneath the plate, adds some extra dimension to the place setting.


Favor Idea: Nut Favors with Personalized Labels

Everyone loves nuts so why not send your guests home with some nut favors! Whether they are raw, roasted or spiced, nuts make a great gift that your guests can enjoy after your special day. Pictured below is a small jar, filled with almonds. To customize the favor, we have used our oak tree personalized labels. All our labels and tags are completely customizable and can be modified to include the contents of the favor, the names of the couple, the date of the event or a special note to your guests.

Small jar of nuts with oak tree personalized labels by Wine Country Occasions
Small jar of nuts with the oak tree personalized labels


Leaf Place Card Holders Look Dainty but Hold up Heavy Signs

For outdoor weddings, our Leaf Shaped Place Card Holders are a beautiful addition to any table setting. They are available in a set of 8 which includes 2 each of 4 different leaf designs. These place card holders look detailed and dainty but they hold up table signs without a problem. Pictured below is our oak tree table sign held up by one leaf place card holder as well as two place card holders. While holding up the sign with two place card holders provides a sturdier stand for the sign, one place card holder works equally well.

leaf place card holder with oak tree table sign
Leaf place card holder with oak tree table sign



Leaf place card holder with oak tree table sign
Oak tree table sign held up by two place card holders











Wine Bottle Cork Cage Place Card Holders Can Be Used as Table Sign Holders

Our mini wine bottle cork cage place card holders are a miniature version of our wine bottle cork cage which is designed to fit a standard wine bottle and store wine corks.  Sold in sets of 4, the place card holders include some blank place cards, however these also work really well in holding up a table number. We tested this product with several different signs and recommend using them for double or triple layered signs. Singly layer signs do not fit very snugly in the opening of this place card holder and given the larger size of the signs, tend to lean back too much. Place cards fit perfectly because of the shorter height. We offer a wide range of cork cage products and many of these make unique wine theme centerpieces that will coordinate well with these place card holders.

Cork Cage Place Card Holder with Oak Tree Table Sign
Cork cage place card holder with oak tree table sign
Cork cage place card holder with olive branch table sign
Cork cage place card holder holding up a double layered olive branch table sign


















Cork cage place card holder with oak tree place card
Cork cage place card holder with oak tree place card



















Cork Place Card Holders Make Great Table Sign Holders

We are often asked if some of our place card holders can be used to hold up table signs. The answer is yes! Most of our place card holders are heavy and sturdy enough to hold up signs. Our most popular place card holder, the cork place card holders is made of resin and is heavy enough to hold table signs and place cards. We have tested this product with 3 x 5, 4 x 6 and 5 x 5 signs and they are hold well. Larger items, such as 5 x 7 menus are too heavy for this place card holder though. Pictured below are our Oak Tree Table Signs and our Oak Tree Place Cards on the cork place card holders.

Cork Place Card Holders with Oak Tree Sign and Place Card by Wine Country Occasions
Oak tree sign and place card displayed on cork place card holders


Oak Tree Wedding at a Winery

Oak Tree Wedding Invitations
Oak tree wedding invitations in shades of deep forest green and brown

Oak trees are found throughout many wine regions and wineries and make a beautiful natural setting for an outdoor wedding. Given the extended life of oak trees, they are often a symbol of wisdom and extended life. If you are planning on getting married under an oak tree, take a look at our oak tree wedding invitations. Additional oak tree wedding ideas are available on our pinterest board.