Winery Wedding Enclosure Cards: Etiquette, Wording & Sizing

Wedding enclosure cards communicate important information to your guests – from reception location and dress code to travel information and additional event details – while maintaining an uncluttered look for your invitations. Wine Country Occasions offers three sizes, all with 100% customize-able wording.

Our mini card is 2″ x 3.5″ like a standard business card and is most often used for:

RSVP Instructions: Wedding invitations often include a reply card with a self-addressed stamped envelope. But, with more and more wedding information being housed on personalized websites, many clients opt to include an enclosure card with instructions to RSVP on a website or to an email address.

Gift Registry: According to Martha Stewart, it is never OK to include your gift registry information with your invitations. Etiquette rules have loosened up around this issue. While it might be not be appropriate information for the invitation itself, many people include a small enclosure card with the registry information. Another option is to include it on your wedding website only. Donation information in lieu of gifts would also be appropriate to include on a separate card.

Enclosure cards for a vineyard wedding using grape invitations - Wine Country Occasions,

Website: Including your wedding website on your invitation is perfectly acceptable, etiquette-wise. If your invitations are getting too cluttered, a small enclosure card is good choice.

Attire: If the wedding dress code is easily conveyed in a few words (i.e. “Black Tie”) it is fine to include it on the invitation itself. For attire suggestions that are more involved (i.e., “Wear attire for a cool summer evening” or “Reception takes place on grass, please avoid heels”) it is best to include a separate card.

Enclosure cards for a vineyard wedding using grape invitations - Wine Country Occasions,

The next size up we offer is 3.5″ x 5″ and is most often used for:

Reception Information: If your wedding reception is being hosted at a different location than the ceremony, proper etiquette says to include this information on a separate card.

Directions: If you are including a card with directions to the wedding site, the venue address should only appear here and not on the invitation as well.

Hotel & Travel Information: For your out of town guests, or for a destination wedding, you might want to include a card with information about area hotels. Streamline the wording by referring guests to your website for more information.

Additional Events: If there are additional events planned, such as a rehearsal dinner or post-wedding brunch, a medium-sized enclosure card should be included as a separate invitation. It is especially important to include it separately if not all guests are invited.

Enclosure cards for a vineyard wedding using grape invitations - Wine Country Occasions,

Finally, our largest enclosure card size is 4.25″ x 5″ and is most often used for directions, hotel and travel information.

All of our enclosure cards are beautifully decorated with the designs from our wine-themed and rustic vineyard wedding invitations to maintain a unified and elegantly coordinated look.

Vineyard Wedding Stationery Idea: Wine Region Table Signs

We love this creative and unique idea for wine theme wedding table signs that one of our clients dreamed up. Instead of using numbers, she named each table after a famous wine region, like Burgundy, Margaux and Chianti. Wine Country Occasions adapted one of our most popular vineyard-themed table number designs to create elegant table signs with coordinating wine place cards. What an unexpected way to play with a wine theme!

Vineyard Wedding Table Numbers Idea Wine Regions by Wine Country Occasions
Wine themed wedding place card idea: wine regions
Vineyard Wedding Place Card Idea Wine Regions by Wine Country Occasions
Vineyard wedding idea: wine region table signs

Vineyard Wedding Place Card & Escort Card Ideas

There are so many choices to make when planning your vineyard wedding. Among them is how you would like to let your guests know where to sit at the reception. Below are a few options:

Use Escort Cards: Escort cards are usually arranged – in alphabetical order – at the reception entrance with the guest’s name and table number. These are used to “escort” the guest to his or her table. Flat cards laid out on a table – with or without an envelope – is one display option, as pictured below in one of our most popular designs: Vineyard Theme Wedding Place Cards & Escort Cards.

On our site, escort cards are entirely customize-able. One option is to write the guest’s name on the outside of the envelope. In that case, the assigned table number is usually written on the card inside. Cards laid out without an envelope often include both the guest’s name and the table number. Flat cards can also be displayed in place card holders.

Vineyard Theme Wedding Place Cards and Escort Cards for a wine country wedding. - Wine Country Occasions,

Tent cards are another popular way to go (see photo below). The wording on escort cards can be changed to suit your style. You can have guests’ names and table numbers printed on the cards. Or, just have a line for the name and table number printed and write it in later. You also have the option to include an “M” at the beginning of the name line for guests to finish – filling in Ms., Mrs., Mr. or Mr. & Mrs. Some people prefer to leave out the “M.”

Vineyard Theme Wedding Place Cards & Escort Cards in tent card form from Wine Country OccasionsVineyard Theme Wedding Place Cards & Escort Cards in tent card form from Wine Country OccasionsMany couples are getting creative with how they are displaying escort cards at their wedding. Instead of lining them up on a table, they pin the cards onto a clothesline or attach them to an object, like a piece of fruit or to wedding favors, like mini horseshoes. The only limit is your imagination.

Vineyard Theme Wedding Place Cards and Escort Cards for a wine country wedding. - Wine Country Occasions,

Use Place Cards: Place cards usually include guests’ names and are placed at the table itself, at a specific table setting. Place cards are most often used when there are assigned seats – not just assigned tables. Many couples opt for tent cards or use place card holders like the Wine Cork Place Card Holders pictured below.

Vineyard Theme Wedding Place Cards and Escort Cards for a wine country wedding. - Wine Country Occasions,

Escort cards are also sometimes used as place cards when guests place them at a specific place setting to reserve a particular seat at their assigned table. Our wine-themed place cards are also customize-able, allowing you to choose whether you would like to have a name line printed or an “M” included.


Ribbon Pocket Invitations for a Rustic or Vineyard Wedding

Make your rustic or winery wedding invitations something special with an elegant ribbon pocket design. There is a real “wow” factor to this look, which comes with a square invitation layered and in a folder, then dressed with a satin ribbon. A stylish emblem on the front adds a personal touch emblazoned with the names of the bride and groom or a monogram.

Wrapped around the front cover, the ribbon creates a “pocket” on the inside cover, perfect for holding enclosure cards and envelopes. The rich, metallic colors of the layering cards add to the opulent look.

This presentation is an exquisite match for our Grape Leaf Ribbon Pocket Invitation or Elegant Vineyard Ribbon Pocket Invitation, as pictured below. The moment your guests slide these beauties out of the envelope, they will know they are in for one special celebration!

Grape Leaf Ribbon Pocket Invitation, perfect for a rustic or vineyard wedding. - Wine Country Occasions,
Grape Leaf Ribbon Pocket Invitation
Elegant Vineyard Ribbon Pocket Design Invitation for a rustic or vineyard wedding. - Wine Country Occasions,
Elegant Vineyard Ribbon Pocket Invitation


Wine Country Bicycle Wedding Invitation

For the adventurous and outdoorsy couple, adding bicycle imagery to your wedding decor can be a great match for a vineyard event. Our latest winery wedding invitations and save the date card design is a whimsical yet elegant way to make your big announcement.

Incorporate a bicycle motif by making DIY centerpieces out of bicycle baskets filled with goodies like a baguette, bottles of wine, candies and fruits. Decorate bicycle wheels with ribbons or flowers and hang them over your dessert table for a festive look. A personalized bottle of wine presented in a Bicycle Wine Bottle Gift Bag makes a charming vineyard-themed wedding favor.

Wine Country Bicycle Wedding Invitation and Save the Date Card for a vineyard or rustic wedding. - Wine Country Occasions, www.winecountryoccasions.comCl

Pictured above: Wine Country Bicycle Wedding Save the Date Card presented in a Bicycle Place Card Holder and Wine Country Bicycle Wedding Invitations


3 Ways to Dress Up Your Wedding Invitations

We offer many options for dressing up your winery wedding invitations, from adding  ribbons and envelope seals, to incorporating layering and pocket folders.  Below we present just three ways to easily bring your own personal style to your rustic or vineyard wedding stationery.

Using our Grapevine Swirl Wedding Invitations design, this first example incorporates layering with a gold-colored pocket envelope to add structure. This is a very practical option as it easily holds your reply cards and any other enclosure cards (i.e., reception details, hotel information, registry or wedding websites, etc.) all in one neat package.  Also shown is the outside of the invitation envelope decorated with a black ribbon.

Grapevine Swirl Wedding Invitations for a vineyard or wine-themed wedding. - Wine Country Occasions,

The option pictured in the lower right-hand corner utilizes the same invitation design with a more streamlined look. A gold ribbon tied around the invitation adds adornment.  A coordinating envelope liner in gold or black could be added as well.

The example in the lower left-hand corner includes the invitation plus a layering card in gold.  Adding return address labels and customized labels to seal the envelope provide additional opportunities to personalize the look.


5 Wedding Program Styles & Sizes

When it comes to wedding programs for your rustic or vineyard wedding, we offer five different size and shape options: fans, tall & skinny, booklet, folded and one double-sided page.  Whichever you choose, our wedding stationery is 100% customizable and our designers are happy to work with you to make sure your programs suit your personal style and needs.

The options below are presented using our exclusive Leaf Wedding Invitations design.  The fans are a 5 x 7 double-sided card with a decorative edge and a wooden handle. These are ideal for warmer climates and can easily fit your ceremony and wedding party details, as well as a short “thank you” message.  Our tall & skinny wedding program measures 4 x 9.25 inches and is also printed on two sides.

Grape Leaf Wedding Program Fan
Grape Leaf Wedding Program Fan
Grape Leaf Tall & Skinny Wedding Program
Grape Leaf Tall & Skinny Wedding Program


The booklet wedding program (below) measures 4.7 inches and includes four inner pages.  Many people include information about the reception in the booklet, as well as a “thank you” message.  Additional pages can be added.

Grape Leaf Design Wedding Program Booklet
Grape Leaf Design Wedding Program Booklet











Finally, we have two 5 x 7 card options.  Our folded program (pictured below) measures 5 x 7 inches and comes with four pages, including the back cover.  We also have a double-sided one-page option.

Grape Leaf Design Folded Wedding Program
Grape Leaf Design Folded Wedding Program


Grape Leaf Winery Wedding Program
Grape Leaf Winery Wedding Program