Stock the Bar Shower Idea

Stock the bar shower idea
Stock the bar shower idea: Guests write a note on the back of favor tags which were sent with the invites
Stock the Bar Shower Idea
Stock the Bar Shower Idea: Bottles of wine with grape favor tags and hand written notes on the back


If you are planning a Stock the Bar Bridal Shower, we want to share with you an idea sent to us by one of our customers, Diane…. Thank you Diane! She sent along our Grape Favor Tags with a ribbon attached to it with her shower invitations. Guests then wrote a note on the back of the tags and attached it to a bottle of wine or other bar item and brought it along to the shower.

Handbag Cork Cage Makes a Unique Card Holder

If you are planning a wine theme bridal shower or a wine party, you may be looking for a card box or card holder to hold cards and gifts. Look no further! Our handbag cork cage makes a unique and fun card holder. Made of artfully detailed metal and embellished with colorful glass beads, the handbag cork cage is typically used to collect wine corks.

Handbag Cork Cage
Handbag cork cork cage used to hold corks

However, with an opening that measures 8.5 inches by 2 inches, most greeting cards will also easily fit through the opening of this cork cage. Simply place this handbag at the entrance of your event and let you guest place their gifts inside the bag! To gather the cards, simply reach inside and pull out the cards and use it to collect your wine corks.

handbag corkcage with cards
Handbag cork cage makes a unique card holder for weddings and bridal showers