Miniature Wine Barrel Centerpiece for the DIY Bride

For the DIY bride, there’s nothing better than coming across the perfect accent or piece to be used within her fairytale wedding dreamscape. For the DIY bride who just so happens to be planning a wine country wedding, this is one of those perfect pieces.

For your wine country-inspired centerpieces, you’ll definitely want to incorporate our mini oak barrel centerpiece planters, the perfect base for an overabundance of flowing flowers and greenery to match your day’s colors. The five-liter barrel has an opening that’s 9.5 x 6.5 inches, making it small enough for a reception table, yet large enough to be used within any of your settings really, whether it be the foyer or your ceremony space.

Already have your centerpieces decided? This fantastic accent also makes a wonderful card collection receptacle, so your guests can drop their well wishes to you with convenience and style.


Mini Oak Barrel Centerpiece
Mini Oak Barrel Centerpiece
Mini Oak Barrel Centerpiece & Planter 2
Mini oak barrel centerpiece planter can be used as a card holder for smaller events

Wine Bottle Shaped Candle Holders for Vineyard Wedding Decor

If you are looking for some unique wine themed centerpieces, take a look at our wine bottle shaped candle holders. We offer two designs, a hanging wine bottle shaped candle holder which comes in a set of 2, one white glass wine bottle and a second wine bottle made of green glass. These hanging wine bottles also have a base and can be used on a surface. A second alternative to using a wine bottle centerpiece on a table top, is our standing wine bottle candle holders. They are made of green glass wine bottles and feature a metal base. You can use votive candles for both candle holders. Make sure to check with your venue to find out if they allow candles. L.E.D. votive candles are also a great option.

Hanging Wine Bottle Candle Holders - Wine Country Occasions
Hanging Wine Bottle Candle Holders
Wine Bottle Candle Holders- Wine Country Occasions
Wine Bottle Candle Holders


















Silver Wine Bottle Candelabras- Just in Time for Winter Weddings!

Silver Branches Wine Bottle Candelabra
Silver Branches Wine Bottle Candelabra

Are you planning a Winter vineyard wedding and looking for a unique bottle centerpiece? We have just added 5 new wine bottle candelabra designs in silver. Select from a grapevine candelabra, branch shaped candelabras and a fleur de lis candelabra. Save your empty wine bottles and create a unique centerpiece for your winery wedding!

Wine Bottle Centerpiece Ideas

Whether or not you are planning a vineyard wedding, you are likely to have a bottle of wine on your table.  Why not use these bottles to display your table number or table name. Pictured below is our Grape and Vine Table Signs customized to display a grape name. We have punched two holes on the top and added a matching ribbon for hanging the sign from the bottle neck. This sign measures 5 x 5 inches.

Wine Bottle Centerpiece with 5x5 Sign
Wine Bottle Centerpiece with 5×5 Sign


A second idea for a wine bottle centerpiece combines a wine bottle with a wine bottle candelabra.  Most candelabras use small tea lights. If your wedding reception is indoors, your facility may not allow candles and L.E.D. tea lights may be more appropriate.  Pictured below is our Vineyard Motif Table Signs in 4 x 6 inch size.

Wine Bottle Centerpiece with 4x6 Sign and Wine Bottle Candelabra
Wine Bottle Centerpiece with 4×6 Sign and Wine Bottle Candelabra

























Cork Cage Wine Bottles Make a Great Centerpiece

Many of our customers use a cork cage, designed to store wine corks, as a part of their centerpiece. Some place corks in the cork cage while others incorporate the cork cage into their floral arrangement. We want to present a couple of ideas for using cork cages in your centerpieces.

First, we suggest adding a pillar candle inside the cork cage. The bottom of the cork cage is hinged and can easily be opened to insert the candle.  The candle highlights the ornate details of the cork cage beautifully.  Because the cork cage is made of metal, they heat up very quickly with a candle inside. We recommend using LED pillar candles.

Next, our chalkboard cork cages are perfect for creating a unique centerpiece while also including a table number on the cork cage. The wine bottle chalkboard cork cage looks similar to the beaded wine bottle cork cage except it includes a chalkboard panel on the front. Simply write each table number on the cork cage to guide your guests to their seats!

Beaded wine bottle cork cage with a pillar candle used as a centerpiece
Beaded wine bottle cork cage with a pillar candle used as a centerpiece
Calkboard cork cage used to display table number
Calk board cork cage used to display table number