Selecting Your Vineyard Wedding Venue

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You’re engaged! Congrats! What’s next?

Well…almost every wedding professional will agree that the two most important things when planning a wedding are 1. setting a budget and 2. selecting your venue. These are the top two items on almost every wedding planner/professional’s list.

Whether you’re a wine lover,  had your first date at a winery, got engaged at a winery, or just love the idea of having your wedding at a winery…you are not alone! Wineries lend themselves to a festive environment and who can pass up on the gorgeous backdrop of rolling hills and rows and rows of grape vines? Plus you’ve got your ready made theme!

With many wineries, you now have multiple setting options – you can select from multiple outdoor locations, an alluring wine cellar or barrel room, or enjoy both by starting outside and moving the celebration indoors. Either way, here are a few things to consider when selecting your venue.

1. Noise Ordinances – Due to their locations many wineries have strict noise ordinance that they must adhere to.

2. Electrical Outlets – If you need to plug anything in – ipod, projector, band equipment, ect., make sure there will be enough power points for everything.

3. Weather – Depending on the time of year and location of your wedding, make sure adequate heating and air conditioning will be available to keep your guests comfortable throughout the event.

4. Access Restrictions – If you plan to provide transportation for your guests, make sure you find out if there are any access road limitations. There may be a limitation on the size of shuttles or vans that can travel to and from the winery.

5. Candle Policy – Do you plan to use candles for lighting? You will need to know if the venue allows candles and if so, do they need to be in glass containers or can they be “naked”.  Also, who will be responsible for lighting them and maintaining them throughout the day/evening.

This is by no means a comprehensive and complete list, just a few things to consider once you get through the when, how many, how much, etc…

We have compiled one of the most complete Wine Country Weddings and Wine Country Wedding Venues lists for your reference. Take a look!


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Are you planning a wedding, bridal shower, anniversary party or a business party? From the west coast to the east coast and many places in between, there are over a thousand wineries in the United States with facilities for private events. Most wineries offer beautiful outdoor areas near an oak tree or a winery garden. Other wineries make available their barrel room or banquet rooms for special occasions. Start planning your wine country event! Here is the link to our complete list of winery wedding venues.