Wine Barrel Room Wedding Inspiration

We love the romance of a wine barrel room wedding reception. Being surrounded by casks of wine at various stages of development will make your guests feel like they have been invited into an uncommon experience, much like witnessing the union of two very special individuals. Romantic string lighting adds a glow to a cave-like room. Incorporate grapes and vines into your decor to keep elements of nature in play and use deep burgundy and purple hues to heighten the mystery. A bright accent color like yellow adds pleasing contrast and keeps the look cheerful and celebratory.

Wine Barrel Room Wedding Inspiration with Barrel Room Wedding Invitations for a vineyard wedding. - Wine Country Occasions,

Clockwise from Top Left: Wine Country Occasions’ Barrel Room Wedding Invitations; flowers via Megan Holly Clouse Photography; reception photo from One Love Photography; Wine Country Occasions’ Personalized 2 Liter Wine Barrel; cake and bridal party via Hom Photography

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