Winery Wedding Colors: Moss Green, Light Green, Yellow & Aqua

There is beauty in rows of colorful glass bottles, the inspiration for our latest vineyard wedding color combination of moss green, light green, yellow and aqua. Light through glass has a dreamy, water-like quality that is a great match for a wedding among lush greenery and grapevines. Moss green – or, let’s call it wine bottle green – pairs well with light green. Both colors would work well – alone or together – for bridesmaids dresses, groomsmen ties, a bridal sash.

Yellow flowers add a splash of cheer while staying in a nature-inspired color palate. Use aqua-colored glass bottles as part of your table decor to bring a feeling of freshness and movement Рlike a cool stream.  Our Love Bird Wine Wedding Invitations looks lovely in these colors and the bird motif is lightheartedness and romantic.

Love Bird Wine Wedding Invitations Inspiration Board : Moss Green, Light Green, Yellow and Aqua - Wine Country Occasions,
Winery wedding color palette: moss green, light green, yellow and aqua

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