Winery Wedding Enclosure Cards: Etiquette, Wording & Sizing

Wedding enclosure cards communicate important information to your guests – from reception location and dress code to travel information and additional event details – while maintaining an uncluttered look for your invitations. Wine Country Occasions offers three sizes, all with 100% customize-able wording.

Our mini card is 2″ x 3.5″ like a standard business card and is most often used for:

RSVP Instructions: Wedding invitations often include a reply card with a self-addressed stamped envelope. But, with more and more wedding information being housed on personalized websites, many clients opt to include an enclosure card with instructions to RSVP on a website or to an email address.

Gift Registry: According to Martha Stewart, it is never OK to include your gift registry information with your invitations. Etiquette rules have loosened up around this issue. While it might be not be appropriate information for the invitation itself, many people include a small enclosure card with the registry information. Another option is to include it on your wedding website only. Donation information in lieu of gifts would also be appropriate to include on a separate card.

Enclosure cards for a vineyard wedding using grape invitations - Wine Country Occasions,

Website: Including your wedding website on your invitation is perfectly acceptable, etiquette-wise. If your invitations are getting too cluttered, a small enclosure card is good choice.

Attire: If the wedding dress code is easily conveyed in a few words (i.e. “Black Tie”) it is fine to include it on the invitation itself. For attire suggestions that are more involved (i.e., “Wear attire for a cool summer evening” or “Reception takes place on grass, please avoid heels”) it is best to include a separate card.

Enclosure cards for a vineyard wedding using grape invitations - Wine Country Occasions,

The next size up we offer is 3.5″ x 5″ and is most often used for:

Reception Information: If your wedding reception is being hosted at a different location than the ceremony, proper etiquette says to include this information on a separate card.

Directions: If you are including a card with directions to the wedding site, the venue address should only appear here and not on the invitation as well.

Hotel & Travel Information: For your out of town guests, or for a destination wedding, you might want to include a card with information about area hotels. Streamline the wording by referring guests to your website for more information.

Additional Events: If there are additional events planned, such as a rehearsal dinner or post-wedding brunch, a medium-sized enclosure card should be included as a separate invitation. It is especially important to include it separately if not all guests are invited.

Enclosure cards for a vineyard wedding using grape invitations - Wine Country Occasions,

Finally, our largest enclosure card size is 4.25″ x 5″ and is most often used for directions, hotel and travel information.

All of our enclosure cards are beautifully decorated with the designs from our wine-themed and rustic vineyard wedding invitations to maintain a unified and elegantly coordinated look.

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